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We up-cycle and refurbish quality furniture and antiques.   Handcrafted furniture and decor made in the USA is highly valued and we strive to give it another 100 years of use in the homes of today. 


The pictures above show our workshop and just part of our show room, which is located at 112 S. Lafayette Street in Greenville, MI.  This historic 4,000 square foot building is shared with another talented up-cycler giving each of us space for our own workshop plus an area for completed projects. 

Attending estate sales, auctions and occasional yard sales to find great pieces that need loving help is our idea of fun.  We often up-cycle things to give them a new use but really enjoy seeing the craftsmanship in some of the quality pieces we come across.   Part of our mission is to save furniture from being burned or thrown away.   It is a great feeling to change unwanted items into beautiful pieces that others will treasure. 

Michigan was a large manufacturer of quality furniture in the past and it's especially fun to find pieces that were made in Michigan.  America made beautiful hand-crafted furniture and customers are seeing the value in saving it. 

We now sell Fusion Brand Mineral Paint so stop in to get your favorite color !
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