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Previous Projects

Customers have purchased the items on this page but we may be able to create a similar item for you.  Please contact us for custom requests.
mirror hook a.PNG
brown wh top.PNG
cab with paper.JPG
white funny cab1.JPG
white secretary2.JPG
white bed bench.JPG
repo blue hutch.JPG
white secretary2.JPG
tv stand 1.JPG
kroehler sink1.JPG
steam punk.JPG
two tone dry sink1.JPG
round top glare.JPG
small cabinet 2.JPG
outside grey white cabinet.JPG
man desk 2.PNG
square island 2.JPG
sink pic.jpg
red island 1.JPG
red chest.JPG
pie safe new green 1.JPG
old wh hutch 1.JPG
oak dresser shelf.JPG
hutch in booth.JPG
milk cream can.JPG
mouse front.PNG
shutter planter.JPG
hooser a.JPG
buffet side table.JPG
Green jelly cabinet.JPG
green dry sink.JPG
blue brown desk.JPG
bungalow cabinet.JPG
hutch in booth.JPG
flag table 1.JPG
blue wardrobe.PNG
bench and kid tables.JPG
Fireplace in booth.JPG
couch table.PNG
red desk inside.PNG
white table.PNG
kitchen farm tab.PNG
blue deer.PNG
blace sec front 1.PNG
big mirror.PNG
old green.PNG
barrell chair.PNG
bluer rad front.PNG
white front.PNG
red table 1.PNG
small yellow.PNG
chicken cab.PNG
shlef front.PNG
new paint hutch front.JPG
dresser 1870.JPG
teal cab.PNG
buffet side table.JPG
flag coffee table 1.JPG
cubby 2.PNG
magnet board.PNG
balck cream desk.JPG
green pam d.PNG
whiskey box 3.PNG
card table.PNG
corner hutch.PNG
teal night stand.PNG
blue table.PNG
flag pic frame.PNG
b w table sm.PNG
green corner.PNG
blue buff.PNG
yellow bar.PNG
flag pic.PNG
round table A.PNG
green table and chairs.PNG
green lamp.PNG
bow table.PNG
desk and chair vintage.PNG
small blue cab.PNG
green 2 pc.PNG
mooon hutch decor.PNG
enamil white.PNG
teal night stand front.PNG
beefy table 1.PNG
pink dresser.PNG
white flower hutch.PNG
flower table front.PNG
cab fm larry.PNG
big round table.PNG
sink dresser.PNG
bird bench.PNG
flag bubble.PNG
flower window white.PNG
flag windoq.PNG
cow pic red.PNG
bad table2.PNG
munising 1.PNG
lemon 1.PNG
pink short dresser.PNG
white bench.PNG
big buffet.PNG
red bench side.PNG
green table.PNG
farm hutch A.PNG
fabric back shelf 1.PNG
old white table 1.PNG
round green.PNG
white mirror.PNG
long blue.PNG
man drs 1.PNG
black top side.PNG
millk can.PNG
red enamel.PNG
cambro a.PNG
dry sink.PNG
big hool shelf.PNG
gun book.PNG
baker mini side up.PNG
BLK WH table pad ch.PNG
custom table.PNG
blue custom table.PNG
flower window.PNG
my gr dress 1.JPG
big frame.PNG
corner front.PNG
old ladder.PNG
flower cabn.PNG
iron bed a.PNG
rough dresser.PNG
mini buff.PNG
animal window.PNG
red bar.PNG
truck window.PNG
doll closet 1.PNG
picked flowers 1.PNG
set of night stand dress.PNG
jar barn.PNG
custom table  5.PNG
custom green case.PNG
maroon  back side.PNG
pulley 1.PNG
dragon feet 2.PNG
type desk inside.PNG
grey sage hutch front.PNG
green metal.PNG
bird desk back.PNG
farm 4.PNG
barn table.PNG
ladder again.PNG
big bird house.JPG
wall sec closed.PNG
hoosier angle.PNG
metal crates.PNG
white iron bench.PNG
white cubby.PNG
tool boxes 1.PNG
truck pic white 1.PNG
leaf mirror.PNG
cow chk.PNG
little wh table 1.PNG
white hutch bee.PNG
green commflowers.PNG
shovel sign.PNG
round bl wh seat cushion.PNG
white metal 1.PNG
green buff.PNG
corner white side.PNG
rose front 1.PNG
green round.PNG
night stands.PNG
bird mirror.PNG
end table.PNG
blue pie 1.JPG
kitch isl side.PNG
sage table big.PNG
grey dresser.PNG
pink van 3.PNG
buffet and hutch.PNG
grey table.PNG
table other side.PNG
hall table maroon.PNG
and round table.PNG
blue bee front.PNG
fllower commode side.PNG
and desk.PNG
tall bw tab corner.PNG
prim table a.PNG
silk buffet.PNG
midnight blue dresser.PNG
truck hutch front.PNG
gentleman dresser front.PNG
cute sun half moon.PNG
green dresser.PNG
green radio.PNG
sage buffet front.PNG
duck with flowers.PNG
peacocl sode.PNG
teal stool.PNG
yellow mirror.PNG
old music w flower.PNG
buff island1.PNG
2nd blue front.PNG
clock cab 1.PNG
2 draw maple.PNG
fancy buff.PNG
blud hall oth side.PNG
bunny window.PNG
bw sm round.PNG
dresser isl side 1.PNG
mid blue side board.PNG
pinnk desk w ch.PNG
barn hutch 1st.PNG
jim buffet.PNG
Ang dressr front.PNG
bluny dresser.PNG
blue round mirror.PNG
red bird.PNG
curvy table 1.PNG
horse dresser.PNG
stink hutch.PNG
old white hutch.PNG
old white 1st.PNG
drk sink with words.PNG
karla buff 1.PNG
white lady hutch.PNG
whit buff silk.PNG
blue mapl dr.PNG
mapl sage tabl 1.PNG
black ch first.PNG
grey mod dresser.PNG
fancy leg table 1.PNG
micro stnad vace.PNG
blue desk w mir.PNG
red corner end.PNG
grey bk case.PNG
white side bed tab.PNG
wash basin.PNG
cow hutch.PNG
green ugly.PNG
sm round set 1.PNG
truck window 1.PNG
blue man d flower.PNG
barn hinge 1.PNG
1917 dresser.PNG
pink dress.PNG
green  hoo 1.PNG
green mapel 1.PNG
big mirror.PNG
cedar buff 1.PNG
bird cab oth side.PNG
ornate green 1.PNG
white metal ontop.PNG
ang sea dress.PNG
peacock table 1.PNG
door table jug.PNG
1776 dresser.PNG
whinsical side.PNG
sm island use first.PNG
midmod tabl.PNG
custom blue hall tabl.PNG
custom green cabnt.PNG
proj piece desk.PNG
project piece bench.PNG
white sec side.PNG
grey tv stand 1.PNG
jerry dressr.PNG
truck hutch 1.PNG
grey island 1.PNG
bistro first.PNG
deb buff front.PNG
ned bench.PNG
sew table 1.PNG
long blue sid.PNG
white star first.PNG
ang bk shlf.PNG
green boho.PNG
lamp white buff side.PNG
big bed side.PNG
white cab side.PNG
raw silk buff.PNG
nig case 1.PNG
wine buff first.PNG
old green front.PNG
shot g drsser.PNG
old white cabn.PNG
pink french.PNG
red ice box front.PNG
barb s set.PNG
red cab front.PNG
nightstands blue.PNG
dresser sink.PNG
free tv other side.PNG
custom isl back.PNG
cusstom table.PNG
custom cow.PNG
bk case front.PNG
grey 1776.PNG
mouse table.PNG
bl white top tab 1.PNG
Green round 2.PNG
red sun cab.PNG
lemon hoosier.PNG
sm buff w mirr.PNG
alabaster dresser.PNG
2 pc yellow 1.PNG
duck dresser.PNG
ned teal hutch.PNG
pebble hutch inside.PNG
entry bench.PNG
fancy blk frnt.PNG
pig bar w coff.PNG
red corner.PNG
grey cedar top.PNG
new island corner.jpg
grape bench.PNG
van side front.jpg
scotish front.jpg
wreath front.jpg
green brown.jpg
sage glass front.jpg
a desk side.PNG
bl wh tabl 1.jpg
rose dresser.jpg
antiqu black.jpg
grey  moon 1.jpg
epox corner.jpg
bl coff front.jpg
man island.jpg
grunhe full.PNG
kel tab 1.jpg
grey bl 1.jpg
funny hutch 1.jpg
mini pie .jpg
Goth tab 1.jpg
bif tv front.jpg
dodge desk side chair.jpg
horse wore.jpg
wall pap dresser.jpg
train front.jpg
fox front.jpg
quilt front.jpg
modl dresser flower.jpg
black corner.jpg
ship cabinet.PNG
big island side.PNG
bk case front.PNG
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